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Coming to you from one of the wealthiest areas of New York, the Hamptons!  I know, the Hamptons seems like the most unlikely location to build a shipping container home, but they did! And guess what? Don’t get too excited. Like most homes throughout this upscale community, it doesn’t come cheap. The Hamptons’ very first shipping container home is currently on sale for a whopping $1,395,000! [Was for sale when researching this house. This house is no longer on the market]



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This is “The Beach Box”, a shipping container house in the dunes of Amagansett, New York. The shipping container home is believed to be the first in the Hamptons to be built from shipping containers, and was developed by Andrew Anderson with six-modules from New York-based SG Blocks. With countless options for the most sustainable materials on the market, the Beach Box is a desirable eco-lux home located in the peaceful Napeague dunes, just 600 feet from the ocean.


The four SG Blocks containers on the ground level have all four bedrooms, while the two on top have the open kitchen, living room, and dining room. In total, “The Beach Box” at 2,000 square feet has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and also had a bonus of 1,300 square feet of exterior deck space.

“The Beach Box”, which is located about 600 feet from the ocean, was built with EcoTop counters, tankless water heating, a 16 SEER HVAC unit, spray foam insulation, a white thermoplastic roof, Energy Star appliances, and FSC-certified cypress siding and decking and white oak floors. In addition, this home has an exterior cladding of fiber-cement and energy-efficient windows with low-E glazing. The landscaping is finished with indigenous beach grasses.




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For those in the area, owner and developer Anderson has The Beach Box listed for sale with an asking price of $1,395,000. Meanwhile, Anderson recently closed on a lot nearby, according to the NY Times, and expects to build a more luxurious shipping container home to be valued in the range of $4,000,000 – $5,000,000.


This house is truly stunning in my opinion. All the white details? Makes for a perfect beach house for a vacation! What do you think?

[Was for sale when researching this house. This house is no longer on the market]


Information & Photo Credits: Inhabitat & Jetson Green




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