Greetings from Colorado! 🙂


This 1600 sq. ft. residence with a detached garage sits high above Sugarloaf Mountain Rd in Boulder, CO. The house uses a total of three shipping containers containing a pair of bedrooms, the kitchen, and 1 3/4 baths, which sandwich a central living space formed by structurally insulated panel (SIPS) wall and roofing systems. A large deck launches from the living and dining room, placing the unobstructed views of Boulder and the Flatirons to the south on display for the inhabitants.

Reduced reliance on outside utilities and a desire to utilize recycled and reclaimed materials with minimal upkeep influenced each decision that was made between architect, client and contractor. A concrete-slab floor, heated by a Tulikivi wood-burning stove provides the bulk of the heat for the house, while a split heating and cooling system for the bedroom wing is the only air conditioning system in the house.














Careful selection of electrical appliances, fixtures, and air conditioning systems, in conjunction with a photovoltaic array on the roof of the detached garage, enables the owner to produce more electricity than he consumes, selling energy back to the grid.


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂



Information SourceTomecek Studio

Photo Source:  Brittany Wheeler Photography , Tomecek Studio




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