Greetings from Arizona! 🙂

This is a perfect example of a home that belongs in The Casa Club! Here is a two year, student- designer project that displays just how creative you can be with shipping container homes. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, this collaboration from Ecosa Design Studio resulted in such an impressive living space. Constructed from six shipping containers, this environmentally conscious home is set up to harvest rain water, and the windows/doors are cleverly placed for optimal energy efficiency. The recipient of a Coconino County Sustainability Award, the home was designed by artist Marie Jones and architects Tony Brown and Tom Hahn, and built by Dan Miller. Construction was completed in 2011.




“Although the exterior is relatively modest and untreated, the home’s interior is warm and inviting, with a bright kitchen and walnut finishes.” –

The shipping containers seem to have been criss-crossed every which way to create an amazing residence.  This two-story home for rent has a capacious atrium-style living-dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two studio/offices, full kitchen, greenhouse, and five decks that overlook the San Francisco Peaks as well as thelively street life of this friendly and outdoor-loving university town. The home features concrete floors, large glass windows, a rooftop terrace, industrial finishing touches, and wooden stairs outlined in red to really tie the space together nicely.

My favorite part about this entire home is the turquoise color. says “Comfortable in wintertime, with passive solar and in-floor radiant heating, and in summertime, with natural mountain breezes … The insulation is biofoam, recycled denim, and exterior ceramic coating. Aluminum dual-pane aluminum windows and translucent insulated fiberglass flood the space with natural light.”










As I was researching this impressive house, I read every article that I could find on it; I am left with one question… What happened to the house? Yes I understand it was a student project, and yes they did a fantastic job… But who owns it? Upon further research, I found this house is featured in Boutique Homes for 2-4 week rentals in May, October and January. What?! Looks like I am planning my next vacation! 🙂


Photo credit: Notes On the Road


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