Greetings from France! 🙂


Fun fact about me? I speak French fluently 🙂 Which is probably the reasonfinding a shipping container home in France always excites me. I found this home on Designboom, which linked the designers of the home showcased on their blog. And guess what? The blog is entirely in French! So of course I spent time to read through some of the posts to get you as much information as possible. Please excuse the excitement but this was a real treat for me. 🙂

French architects Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez designed their house in Marseille, France built with 15 recycled shipping containers. Completed in 2011, this residence is built into a cliff facing the port of the seaside city. The shipping container home is called “second voyage” or “second trip.”

Judging by the photos it took a quite a bit of time for the shipping containers to be positioned into place. Also here are the workers climbing the cliff, preparing the site to withstand the containers.

The house was based around the port of Marseille, where many shipping containers are visible.

















One last thing, you can rent this house! YES you read that correctly! I found a post on their blog (granted it’s from 2011 but it might still be valid) which outlines all the amenities and prices. Here is some of it:

Prices :

  • High season July, August:
  • 80 € / Night 500 € / Week 1400 € / Month
  • Middle season April, May, June, September, October:
  • 66 € / Night. 400 € / Week. 1150 € / Month.
  • Low season November, December, January, February, March
  • 50 € / Night. 300 € / Week. 900 € / Month


  • Television
  • library
  • WiFi access
  • Refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • gas cooker
  • microwave
  • cutlery and pans
  • sheets provided
  • Private garden, shaded by a beautiful fig tree
  • table and chairs of garden
  • barbecue
  • 4 legs accepted


So what do you think? Would you stay here? 🙂



Information SourceDesignboom

Photo Source: Designboom, Estaqueconteneur




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