Greetings from California! 🙂


It only takes two container pods to turn your traditional ranch into a sustainable powerhouse. Just ask Californian company House Port, whose flagship design is a ‘popup ranch’ fit for those practical souls typically attracted to tiny living spaces. Pushing creative boundaries to build prefab cubic masterpieces, the company is definitely making its mark in the container home stage. Now, we can spectate and marvel at one of their completed dwellings for ourselves.



From dusk til dawn, the Ranch House is ready to amaze. If you feel like DIY’ing your way through container living, House Port offers special assembly kit packages with all the essentials included. As the lights set in and the curtains are drawn, the show-stopping modules make their much-awaited entrance.



Looking for an encore? Then come and check out the home’s pleasant patio with us. Privacy and coziness sing a cheerful tune as we settle into this serene sanctuary. A panoramic scenery ensures this area receives a much-deserving standing ovation.

Each container section has its special attractions. Whites, creams, and reds gracefully enliven the interiors. Tumbleweed meets modern art as you warm yourself up by the fireplace during intermission.


Anyone for lobster? The kitchen and dining space are a playground of alluring contrasts – from contemporary lighting fixtures and decor to refined counter tops and cupboards.

One of the container pod houses the master bedroom. With views like these, we imagine it would be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Guests are invited to spend time in the other container pod’s bedroom. As we near our curtain call, flower vases tidily placed by the twin beds entice us to appreciate the simplest side of nature.






















And thus we reach our much-awaited finale. After a hard day’s work, a spa-like fantasy awaits this Ranch House’s dwellers. Light up some candles, fill up the bath and let the warmth cleanse your stress away.


As you can see, two container pods and a bit of decorative flair are all one ever really needs to craft their ideal sanctuary. With elegance and practicality lighting up the stage, we are sure House Port’s designs will continue to leave a lasting impression.






So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂




Information Source: Smaller Living

Photo Source:  Smaller Living, Houzz



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