Greetings from Mexico! 🙂


It was a side trip through a destitute, ramshackle neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, that detoured Brian McCarthy from building houses in Albuquerque to an idea to offer the very poor a chance to own a home.

PFNC stands for “Por Fin Nuestra Casa.” Translated in English this simply means “Finally, a home of our own.” These words are the foundation of PFNC, whose goal is to provide housing to those who most desperately need it around the globe.

PFNC utilizes surplus shipping containers resulting from the United States’ consistent trade deficit.  These containers serve as the building block of PFNC housing, but go through an extensive conversion process to make them a home.  PFNC offers an affordable housing solution that is scalable and fully portable. Each PFNC unit includes 1st world amenities for a price of less than $15,000 (US).



PFNC’s newly completed prototype is fully portable and will be used to conduct market research and procure sales. The urban-style plan features a full kitchen, washroom with shower, owner’s bedroom and can accommodate 2-6 people.  The urban-style plan is designed to be stacked in an attached multi-family condominium configuration with communal recreation areas, and will include air conditioning and hot water.









Though considered sparse by American standards, these tiny houses have everything a person needs to live a simple life. I personally would like to promote this company for what they are attempting to do and I hope they have great success. I am contacting them to learn more on how to help get these to people who really need a new home.


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂



Information SourceTiny House Blog, PFNC

Photo SourceTiny House Blog, PFNC




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