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The Lucia Container Home is a unique multi-generational home with eye on sustainability in California. The shipping container home was in the works for more than 10 months before receiving the proper city approvals. The home was constructed with other eco-friendly amenities such as bamboo flooring, an irrigation system and energy-efficient appliances. Paula Dowd and her family worked closely with the developers to create a home that is perfectly suited for their situation. Three generations of the family will be moving into the home, and the biggest concerns for them were creating a sustainable residence that doesn’t break the bank and is still aesthetically pleasing. The answer for the Dowd family was a storage container home, which they envision as being the most sustainable container home in the state.

The home was constructed with 21 Corten steel cargo containers that were upcycled and built off-site. This type of construction helps to expedite the process because while the parts are being built (they are brought to the site and reconstructed), other parts of the home can be completed. The family is used other environmentally friendly materials for the home, including bamboo flooring, recycled glass countertops, smart irrigation and energy-efficient appliances. It was important to include a grey water system and water-wise landscaping, too. Using cost-effective green materials and systems the house will be constructed to create a relation with the environment. Floor made of sustainably harvested bamboo and cork, FSC certified wood products, reflective roof, solar panels, energy star appliances, recycled quartz and glass tiles are exciting building aspects of this container house. Right from health conscious paints and finishes, this energy efficient structure will also make use of various water conservation techniques to keep it sustainable and energy independent.

Adventurous homebuyers looking for an alternative to the normative brick and wood homes can build these types of eco-friendly homes on their own — there are plenty of build-your-own home resources available, although they are not all as elaborate as the Lucia Container Home measuring 6,000-square-foot and 2,300-square-foot.












Its owner Matt Dowd says that Lucia Container Home is largest 2017 project in the country that is being made with redundant containers. And the most impressive part about this home? They had a huge reveal to the public on December 9, 2017. That’s right, last month! I couldn’t find any interior photos but the exterior photos are pretty impressive!


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂



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Photo Source:  Lucia Container Home Facebook, HomeCrux




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