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Can we take a second to think about all the super cool shipping container homes in Colorado there are right now? Here is yet another tremendous example of a shipping container home in Denver, Colorado. Is it a shipping container home or a penthouse? Well technically, it’s neither. It’s a 2,192-square-foot shipping container house, and it’s further proof that we’re all doing life just plain wrong.

The house is made from seven shipping containers, like the kind you’d find hauling cars on a cargo ship. But instead of looking like a pile of abandoned steel inside, this home is impossibly luxurious within. It’s a brilliant result of up-cycling, aka the process of turning discarded materials into something of higher value.

Looking at the pricing history, The LoHi Container House was originally bought for $112,000. I am assuming the plot of land. Then it went on the market in 2010 and sold for $679,000 in 2015. Pretty nice profit if you ask me!

There are large, open-concept dining and living areas with high-tech heating and cooling systems. Natural light fills the room and emphasize the white walls, polished wood and accents of stainless steel. The kitchen is equipped with built-in countertop stove and sleek hardwood floors. When you see all these beauty you forget about that is just a shipping container.























The sunlight fills three bedrooms and makes them look amazing. Also you can enjoy the majestic scenery of Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline from a rooftop, where you can get by a spiral staircase from the master bedroom. There are also an office, 2.5 bathrooms, a two-car garage and a backyard in the house’s floor plan. Here is everything you need is made only from recycled materials.


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂



Information SourcePrefabContainerHomes, Huffington Post

Photo Source:  Shipped.com, PrefabContainerHomes




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