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Completed in 2014, this shipping container home in China looks so awesome! Made out of 6 shipping containers, the architect built a research center and community center all in one. The pictures are magnificent! I’m already packing my bags to see this in person! 🙂 What is even better is that is looks like a wonderful place to recycle and be eco-friendly. Not only with the shipping containers but all the food they grow and cook on the premises. There were no pictures of the bedrooms but if you look at the blueprints you see a few rooms with beds.

From the architect: Sustainable Lifestyle Lab established by the Sustainable Design Institute of Arts and Science research center, Tsinghua University and Participatory Community Development Center. The modular house composed of six containers, which applied green, healthy, low-carbon philosophy to real life, so as to let more people to understand and participate in it.

Due to some restrictions, the construction time must be very short, and the house should be recyclable and efficiency. So we choose container module house. The box structure, doors, windows, roofs, floors and walls can be pre-produced in the factory. Container module house has formed a complete production mode. The presets and the construction can be completed by the manufacturer. Each container needs about half an hour to be lifted.Then install waterproof rubber at the joint between containers. In the last, install the stairs and indoor doors. Internal design, energy equipment installation and planting are completed by the owner. The six containers are 180,000 yuan, and the fee of modification, transportation and installation is 38,000 yuan, totally 218,000 yuan.


The house composed of six containers (6055mm*2435mm*2790mm), using ‘module design’ idea: Each box inside is a standard space unit with different functions. Different combination patterns form various function spaces. The house includes three bedrooms, a storage room, exhibition space, a kitchen and a bathroom. The entrance container is vertical to the other five, forming a courtyard. The production cost of container module house is low, and the container is reusable, low-carbon and energy saving. It can be transported conveniently and the transportation cost is very low. The construction is quick, easy, and resources saved, with less noise and dust pollution.



























Eco-circle system design: sewage collection, treatment, re-use: the reclaimed water system; kitchen waste, excreta collection, treatment, re-use: biogas digester; solar energy, wind energy and rainwater utilization; organic farming. The client will live here for two to three years to constantly correct the function layout and the energy system, and maintain green plants, so as to build a comprehensive solutions of sustainable building, and finally explore the possibility to build the Participatory Community applied with the results of the experiment.


So what do you think? Would you live/work here? ☺



Information SourceArchDaily

Photo Source:  ArchDaily




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