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Not all container homes look like shipping containers. Today’s shipping container home will show you that these modular houses can be incredibly stylish and chic from the inside out. A passion for sustainable building and years of construction experience inspired the Innovative Habitats creators to craft their charming dwellings. The finished product, as you are about to see, is quite remarkable.

Innovative Habitats’ custom container homes come in many different sizes. A two-bedroom, one bathroom house is built with two 40-foot (12.19-meter) container pods, while their largest build relies on five containers of the same size. The Midland, Texas-based company prioritizes using recycled materials and green technologies in all aspects of their work, emphasizing that container houses can use all the typical interior design conventions of a traditional home.



A lively living room is very much part of this home’s spacious open-plan design. Large windows ensure that this part of the house gets plenty of natural lighting. All seasons are covered in this comfy abode. Ceiling fans will freshen up your home in the muggiest days, while a heat pump will warm you up in the wintry mornings. One can never go wrong with a cozy dining space with elegant decor. With modern appliances and ample shelving space, this kitchen will satisfy all of those who appreciate a delicious home-cooked meal.

Don’t you just love how the cushions match the painting in this compact office space? If that’s not enough, vintage adornments like a globe and lamp make this area of the house feel quite cultured. Well-lit, spacious and flawlessly furnished, the master bedroom will keep you content after a long day of hard work. Families can embrace the container lifestyle too. An adorable bedroom like this one is sure to put a smile on all the kids’ faces.
















Innovative Habitats’ largest units, comprising 3 or more containers, have two bathrooms. Each of these comes with a bath, classical vanity and interesting decorative touches you are bound to fall in L-O-V-E with. Recycled materials and sustainable technologies can, and should, be used to create a charming, luxurious abode. Innovative Habitats have practically given us a masterclass on how it’s done, and we are very much heeding their imparted wisdom.



What to see how they built this home? Here is a video! 🙂



So what do you think? Would you live in this modular container home? 🙂



Information Source: Smaller Living & Innovative Habitats

Photo Source: Smaller Living



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