Greetings from Missouri! 🙂

Today’s home is a classic example of keeping the industrial look of a shipping container outside, and transforming the interior with a modern, sleek twist. The Tiffany blue color is really what makes this Missouri dwelling pop!














Former toy designer Debbie Glassberg built this 2,600 square foot Kansas City, Missouri house from five 40 foot shipping containers. One of her goals in building it was to show others interested in the idea that shipping container homes don’t have to by hyper industrial, in fact, they can be quite pretty. In the living room, the walls of the containers that make up the house are painted in a beautiful Tiffany blue, and paired with gorgeous sculptural ceiling tiles.

“Spaces to live, work and stay.”  While “container homes” are not necessarily a new idea, Home Contained products are unique in how they combine spaces that nurture the inhabitants. Easy to maintain, and delightful to be in, these spaces are generous and inspiring. Along with Debbie, Steve McDowell, Laura Lesniewski, and Josh Hemberger are hard at work on perfecting the configurations that make Home Contained a site-ready solution for projects of all kinds … bringing simple, bold and beautiful solutions to a site near you.




















The final result is quite impressive: the home has comfortable living spaces, a green roof, geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and some passive solar. Also this home is currently for sale! 🙂


Here is the YouTube video tour! 🙂

Information & Photo Credits: AparmentTherapy, HomeContained, HomeDSGN , Zillow





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