Greetings from Canada again! 🙂


Do you remember that incredible shipping container house I just posted about with all the beautiful snow? Not only did Honomobo build the HO4+ house, here is the HO2! 🙂


Launched last spring, the company Honomobo based in the Canadian province of Alberta, builds modern homes, offices, studios, multi-family complexes, and more out of modular shipping containers. Now, after about a year of work, Honomobo has a number of built projects to share.

One is the HO2 studio home, which, at 362 square feet, is the second smallest in Honomobo’s line. The design features an open living area and kitchen, with a separate bathroom, nook for a bed and work area, and large glass wall bringing in light from the front.

The bright space sits above a precast concrete garage and includes a wooden deck entrance on one side. The house has an efficient air source heat pump for heating and cooling, and comes ready to incorporate thermal insulation and go net-positive with solar energy system upgrades.






























Foreseeing complicated regulations regarding tiny homes, Honomobo homes are built to local building codes as either primary or secondary residences and, unlike tiny houses on wheels, are typically installed on a permanent foundation. Pricing ranges from $39,801 for HO1, a 208-square-foot mini studio, to $162,728 for HO4+, a 1,216-square-foot two- or three-bedroom.

The cost covers the primary structure with essential fixtures, built-in mill work, and mechanical systems. Additional expenses include delivery, installation, foundation, and any permits fees. Turnaround time is about 10 weeks for Canada and the U.S.


So what do you think? Would you stay here? 🙂



Information Source: Curbed

Photo Source: Honomobo


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