Greetings from Lismore! 🙂

Modular homes don’t have to be humble and confined. You can create a luxurious masterpiece by combining just the right number of shipping containers into a single construction. At least, that’s what Australia’s Container Build Group did when they created their Hinterland model. This stylish abode is among the largest of their fleet of prefab options. This shipping container home consists of seven 40 foot containers! It was designed as an upmarket take on the sustainable features that smaller living enthusiasts cherish the most.

Want to see how the other half embraces container housing? Then come take a closer look. For this build, the exterior cladding deliberately focused on breaking away from the staple rustic aesthetics that we’re used to. Pretty polished, right? An angled roof reins everything in, making this generous deck look like a work of art.











The inside is pretty impressive, too! Elevated ceilings and bright interior touches accentuate the elegant furnishings enveloping this home. In this modern kitchen, the darker fittings and contemporary lighting gracefully stand out. What can we say? Vintage posters add a bit of character to these elegant sleeping quarters.

The bathroom makes us feel like we’ve traveled to a whole new dimension – one that’s filled with zebra stripes and pop art embellishments. Another bedroom delights us with its tasteful details. Opting for the less-is-more approach, a delicate mirror is the standout feature in this room.














Impressed? So are we. When it comes to luxury touches, these container home experts are right on the money. The Hinterland brings us a remarkable contrast of textures, structures, and tones that seemingly work in perfect harmony.



So what do you think? Would you love to live in this beautiful shipping container home? 🙂



Information Source: Smaller Living

Photo Source: Container Build Group



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