Greetings again from Michigan! 🙂

Yesterday I introduced you to the tiny shipping container home, Freedom, and now I am showing you Escape. I really enjoy the names selected for these homes; a proper reflection of what you can do when you live inside the box but think outside of it. Remember that I said Michigan based company; Minimalist Homes had 3 shipping container homes? Here is the second one. 🙂

“Your own Escape on your time on your terms in your urban or rural spot…  Keeping with the theme of not being tied down by your home the ESCAPE Home provides the same quality features and freedoms but with a bit more creativity in design and space…” Minimalist Homes.

The home is comprised of two shipping containers on top of one another. Its features include:

  • 4 – 20 x 8 feet and 9.5 feet high containers integrated into over 600 square feet
  • 2 Bedroom – 2 bathroom, full kitchen, washer and drier
  • Hardwood floors
  • Granite counters
  • Fully built out with top quality materials and components
  • High efficiency heating, cooling, hot and cold water
  • All codes met
  • LED lighting
  • Efficient hot water system
  • Very high R factors for maximum comfort at low costs in all climates












Double the square footage of Freedom but not double the price! Minimalist Homes prices Escape with either Premium at $120,000 or if you’d like something custom made you need to request a quote.

Check out their Facebook for more information!

I personally like all the interior features of Freedom but want the exterior to be like Escape. 🙂


Photo Credit: Minimalist Homes



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