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Nestled somewhere in the woods, not too far away from a small French town, there is an elegant diamond that’s worthy of mention. The Diamant Noir shipping container home, built by Spray Architecture in 2014, was conceived with the intention of combining your standard sustainable tiny living expectations with a special touch that can only come from contemporary art. Part of a larger vision called “Un Dernier Voyage” (literally translated as “One Last Trip”), this 1200-square-foot (110-square-meter) dwelling sought to bring modernity into the not-too-far-away wilderness where it resides.

The finished product, as you are about to see, is remarkable. A black painted finish was chosen to contrast with the natural greenery enveloping this home. The design and construction were influenced by the existing artistic landscape that surrounds it too. This black diamond was installed near Le Vent des Forets, an area renowned for attracting contemporary artists from around the world.


Something interesting to note about the outside: it comprises two deck areas. This one can be found at the back, giving you front row access to the rural views in its vicinity. Then there is the front deck, where art is the main protagonist (and a dog makes a special appearance too). A narrow hallway, enriched by modern sculptures and elegant masterpieces, leads us into each area of the home.

One end of this dwelling brings us the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. Alas, we’ll only be able to showcase the living room today. But not to worry, there’s plenty to unveil in this coveted corner of the house. From its vintage workstation and vibrant widow to compelling adornments that inspire us to see life in a whole new perspective.





















Rustic elements, modern fixtures, and remarkable wooden carvings sustain the Diamant Noir’s artisan theme. Culture is also celebrated with literature abound. Bookshelves are among the key fittings that make this bedroom timeless. Spacious bedding and collectible trinkets add a friendly touch to this cozy space too.



When container home meets contemporary art, you are bound to reach your ideal destination. Final stop or otherwise, Spray Architecture’s Diamant Noir is a precious construction that brings a modernist flair to French tiny living spaces.


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂




Information Source: Smaller Living

Photo Source: Spray Architecture



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