Greetings from The Czech Republic! 🙂


Artikul Architects have designed this small boutique hotel named ContainHotel (because it’s made from shipping containers), in Treboutice, Czech Republic. Designed to be easily movable, the seasonal hotel had its first location ona surf campsite alongside the Elbe riverbank. Made from three shipping containers, it was completed in just four months with a total of five rooms and able to accommodate 13 guests.




Upstairs, there are four rooms accessed through a shared terrace. All the rooms have one large floor-to-ceiling window, so that despite the small size of the rooms, they still feel airy and have views of the surrounding area. Inside the rooms, the walls and ceilings are finished in birch plywood, as is all of the custom designed furniture.



When it gets hot in the summer, an awning is attached above rooms and the facades are covered with waste wood planks from a nearby sawmill to block the direct sun. These rooms in a shipping container hotel have walls and ceilings made from plywood.


The lower level of the hotel is home to one four-bed guest room, as well as the bathroom facilities, a technical room and a storeroom. In this boutique shipping container hotel, there’s a room with custom plywood bunk beds for four people.












































The containers are placed only on railroad sleepers. Each container functions separately and are connected only to a local electric power source. The container with the bathroom facilities has an inbuilt water reservoir to supply showers and sinks, which are equipped with water-saving taps.


So what do you think? Would you stay here? 🙂



Information Source: Contemporist

Photo Source:  Artikul




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