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If you’re in the market for a new house, this recently completed container home might be worth your while. Dexterously created by TAYNR, a shipping container home builder based in Sacramento, CA, the cozy one-bedroom abode will greatly please prospective container home buyers in and around Sacramento, California. If the listing is anything to go by, this modular steel property is ideal for first home buyers, off-the-grid living enthusiasts, empty-nesters or even someone seeking a new holiday home.

Already sounding like the right choice? Then come take a tour with us. We’ll get to know more about this tiny house and all the great amenities that come with it. This 320-square-foot (29.73-meter) container home was built to last. To give you an idea, both the external metal facade and sloped metal roof carry 40-year manufacturer warranties.

Even in a compact home like this one, there is plenty of room for two entrances. Keeping with the durability theme, the listing boasts that the low-emission glass used for the doors and windows come with a lifetime warranty.

An open-plan interior design by Meagan Blackstad welcomes us into this modern dwelling. Resurfaced flooring, remote-controlled ceiling fans, eco-friendly insulation, and LED lighting are among the many features you will be met with inside. An air conditioner/heater  strategically placed right by the kitchen warms up this entire area. The kitchen itself comprises sleek granite counter tops, an electric 2-burner stove, fridge, cupboards, and shelves.

Another view of the shelves, kitchen bench and living area. Simple details like the kitchen’s hanging lighting fixtures, and that basket wall rack just above the sofa, give the lovely interiors a compellingly vintage touch.

The bathroom serves all tiny living needs. A tankless water heater provides plenty of hot water to this house. A tiled shower with a glass door and Moen fixtures are just some of the essential additions in this classically designed bathroom.



Similar to the living and kitchen area, this container home’s bedroom comes with its own remote control ceiling fan and air conditioner/heater. Vintage magazine posters add a nice touch to this cozy bedroom, showing us that TAYNR really wants us to enjoy tiny living in style.
















If you are interested in this container home, or you are curious about what else the company has in the works, get in touch with them by email or through their listing.


So what do you think? Would you buy this house for $44,800? 🙂



Information Source: Smaller Living

Photo Source:  Tiny House Listings



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